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The stacks of pallets are mounted up at the infeed station. The pallets are individually taken from the pallet magazine and then passed through the testing station one by one. Once a pallet check has been successfully carried out, the pallets are then divided up into different categories. For example:
- Top quality pallet
- Pallet is ok
- Pallet is not ok
- Non-stackable pallet
The downstream conveyor technology and the pallet magazine are used to create correctly sorted, inspected stacks of pallets which can then be removed using a forklift or electric lift truck. (This task and the removal of the pallet stacks is also available in a form suitable for manual lift trucks). Depending on the requirements, test characteristics, task and removal situation, and on the subdivision of the inspected pallets, our pallet testing stations can be set up in a modular way. This means that we can individually tailor our solutions to your wants and needs to provide you with a custom-made facility.

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